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Constance Coleman-Robertson

Constance Coleman-Robertson

Financial Advisor

Connie Coleman-Robertson has been a Financial Advisor at Waddell & Reed, Inc. for over thirty five years.  In addition to handling financial planning for her clients, she was responsible for recruiting and training new Financial Advisors for 17 of those years.

Waddell & Reed Inc. has awarded her with placement in the Circle of Champion for the last 19 years.  She is responsible for and oversees investments totaling over 25 Million Dollars for her clients.

In keeping with her philosophy "Everyone can be financially independent", Connie has made appearances on television, radio and sponsored seminars to provide the public with Financial Planning Strategies.

Mrs. Coleman-Robertson is an active member of Trinity United Church of Christ and past President and treasurer of the Southeast Area Kiwanis Club, the Youth Motivation Program of the Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, Alpha Kappa Alpha and Xi NU Omega Chapter.

The search for the answer to the question "If money doesn't grow on trees, how does it grow?" was one of the motivating forces which led Connie Coleman-Robertson to two distinct professional careers; a Teacher in the Chicago Public School System and a Financial Advisor for Waddell & Reed, Inc.

Connie is a product of Chicago Public Schools and was a teacher for over 14 years before becoming a Financial Advisor for Waddell & Reed, Inc.  Ms. Coleman-Robertson holds licenses in Securities and Insurance.  She received her Bachelor 's degree from Northern Illinois University and her Master's Degree from Northeastern Illinois University.

The "wind beneath her wings" is God and her loving family and friends.  Mckinley Robertson, her husband, is extremely supportive in all her endeavors and her two assistants Lois Porter and Justin Carr.  Mrs. Coleman is especially proud of her daughter, Kimberly Coleman-Thomas, who also has her own financial planning practice.  She is Grandmother to Justyn, 18, Jalen, 16 and Julian 12. 

Connie is striving to bring "Wall Street to your Street" by changing the "War on Poverty" to a Program of "Education for Abundance" while living life to the fullest!  Connie's belief is "It's never too late to make a new beginning".


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